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Our Policies

over 2 years ago

Arrival and Pick-up Procedures Students provide their own transportation. Carpooling is an option many parents choose. When bringing your child to school, please wait outside the door until a teacher opens the door. Please wait for the doors to be opened by a teacher. For your child's safety, all doors will be locked 15 minutes after arrival time and only be unlocked for dismissal. Please use the door in the courtyard if you will be arriving late or picking your child up early. If this is the case, please check in at the preschool office before going to the classroom.

Traffic Flow We are located in the rear of Stallbrook Elementary. Designated parking for preschool parents is available in front of the building, additional parking is available in the old preschool lot. At times, there may be busses in the parking lot. These buses have the right of way and must not be blocked at any time. Parents who park in the bus lanes will be asked to move immediately. During inclement weather, please wait in your vehicles until the doors open.

Release Information At the beginning of the school year, you will be given an emergency information form. This form will include space to provide a list of people who are authorized to pick up your child. No child will be released to anyone not on the release list. A photo ID will be required by anyone other than the parent or legal guardian. This form may be updated throughout the year.

Health Policy Parents are asked to exercise reasonable caution when sending a child to school who appears ill. Please do not send a child to school with a fever or unidentified rash, or if they have recently vomited or had diarrhea. Your child should be free of fever, diarrhea or vomiting for 24 hours before returning to school. Please inform the school if your child has a contagious disease, (strep throat, conjunctivitis, lice). Your child should be on prescribed medication for 24 hours before returning to school. A school nurse is available to see your child should he/she become ill at school, you will be notified in the event your child is too ill to stay at school. Please make sure your emergency information is up to date.

School Cancellation In the event of inclement weather, The Bellingham Early Childhood Program will follow the same procedure as the Elementary and High Schools. Please listen to the radio and television stations for cancellations. In the event of a 1 hour delay, the preschool will also be delayed by one hour. However, a 2-hour delay, morning preschool will be cancelled, afternoon classes will be held as usual.

Clothing Please dress your children in play clothes suitable for outdoor and indoor work and play. Students have outdoor time all year long, during winter months they will play in the snow. Boots, winter coats, pant, hats, and mittens should be brought to school and labeled during the winter months. Our playground is topped with mulch, sand and pea stones, therefore, sandals and open toed shoes are very uncomfortable to children. Please provide sneakers or other closed toe shoes for your child.

Personal Belongings Students should come to school each day with a labeled backpack large enough to bring a labeled change of clothes and any artwork or projects they may be bringing home.

Discipline Policy The Bellingham Early Childhood Program adheres to the following discipline policy, as advised by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Children learn self control when adults treat them with dignity and use discipline techniques such as:

•guiding children by setting clear, consistent, fair limits for classroom behavior, or in the case of older children, helping them to set their own limits.
•guiding children to resolve conflicts and modeling skills that help children to solve their own problems.
•patiently reminding children of rules and their rationale as needed.
•valuing mistakes as learning opportunities
•redirecting children to make acceptable behavior or activity
•listening when children talk about their feelings and frustrations

Holidays & Birthdays Holidays are important to young children and are experienced in many different ways in early family life. An important aspect of the BECP curriculum is the sharing of differences and likenesses in all areas of a child's life including holidays and birthdays. However, there are innumerable other wonders of our world to explore in the short time children are in preschool. Therefore our policy for holidays and birthdays is to acknowledge them, spending some school time discussing how families (both ours and others) celebrate such times, while leaving the majority of related activities for special family time.


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